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About us

by bifadmin

Biznis i Finansije is a monthly magazine for the business community – top and middle management – and various other readers interested in the economic aspects of culture, art, marketing, IT and science.

The owner of the Biznis i Finansije magazine is the Belgrade-based private publishing company Bif Press.

Biznis i Finansije regularly publishes ten issues of the magazine per year, and four major business editions.

The 80+ pages of the magazine are devoted to articles written by professional journalists, leading economists and industry analysts in Serbia and from abroad, and they cover macroeconomic, business and financial topics as well as topics in the Serbian IT industry, marketing, culture, architecture and various other fields.

Major business editions are:

Biznis TOP, which offers the rankings of the most successful Serbian companies, according to the turnover and profit in the state and private sectors based on the official financial results provided by the Serbian central bank; in-depth analyses of the business climate in various business sectors written by the leading economists, industry professionals and independent analysts.

Finansije TOP, which presents the rankings of the most successful banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses, private investment and pension funds and auditing companies, based on official financial analyses and analyses of each sector.

TOP 500 companies in the Central Europe, in partnership with Deloitte, presents the rankings of the top companies and financial institutions in 17 countries of the CE region.

MSP, special edition devoted to the development of small and medium business in Serbia.

B&F cooperates with a number of business clients including: Ernst & Young, PwC, Deloitte, the European Commission, all major banks such as Credit Agricole, Societe Generale, Findomestic and other financial institutions, companies and state bodies such as the Serbian Business Registers Agency.

Biznis i Finansije is published in Serbian while selected business analyses in English are available on our website.

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